and1 kids basketball white coral

AND1 Kids Basketball White Coral


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How Do I Return The Order if It Got There Faulty Or Messed Up?

If the AND1 Kids Basketball White Coral got there damaged or with some other defects or was the improper measure, it usually is very straightforward to return it to Often, the most convenient way to return the item to Amazon is to put it back in the packaging it came with, call customer service for the delivery driver to pick the item up & simply hand it over once the delivery driver(s) make it to your place. Every so often, it'll be the potential that you might have to put the item somewhere where it can be accessed on your absence. The driver will set the shipping label on it & send it back to the retailer. A distinct method is to basically drop it off at a UPS store & let them do all the rest for you. One of the benefits about purchasing from Amazon is that you can generally return any order(s) for whatever reason!