columbia newton waterproof hiking cordovan

Columbia Newton Waterproof Hiking Cordovan


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How Would I Return The Item if It Got To Your House Busted Or A Little Scratched?

If the Columbia Newton Waterproof Hiking Cordovan turned up broken or a little scratched or was the incorrect size, it's generally fairly straightforward to send the product back to Usually, the quickest way to return the item to Amazon is to situate it back in the same packaging and/or box it came with, make a request through the app for an Amazon driver to pick the product up & simply allow them to have it once the driver(s) get to your place. There may be times, it could be the possibility that you might have to place the item out on your porch. The driver will set the label on the item & send it on its way back to Amazon. An alternative method would be to essentially leave it off at a local UPS store & allow them to do all the rest for your convenience. One of the benefits of using Amazon is that you can generally return any order(s) for any reason!